Case Study

A significant franchise retail store decides to promote clean energy as part of its corporate social responsibility. They offer unused KWH credits to their customers.

These credits are used like cash. The customers use this as gifts or make purchases at other locations. The store opens a membership club. A percentage of sales from customers go into a membership pool for renewable energy. The store keeps half, and the customers get credit for their proportion. The more they purchase, the more they get credits.

This nationwide retail store sets up a remote site for low cost concentrated solar power of more than 100 MW installed capacity and some wind energy shares. Each store connects PV cells, small wind, and battery banks. Excess power is sold to customers who have PHEV and come to the store to shop. They are given free KWH if they buy more than 50 dollars on any one trip. If the stores cannot fulfill their energy requirements, then they buy from the grid at prevailing rates. At nighttime, they load up on cheap baseload energy and use that during the day.

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