Membership Cards protect the proper use of discounts, improves distribution efficiency, and improves the customer’s ease-of-use. Agents and vendors that use these pay an additional service charge or receive payment as determined in the business rules.


Participants Service Providers Tax
Energy Producer 100.1 I.T. 2.6 2.6
Utility 13 Agent 1.3
3rd Party 6.5 Financial company 1.3 1.3
Data Company 1.3
Total 119.6 6.5 3.9 130

This will lead to great incentives for energy production and promotion among users. There are two main processes here (1) the information sharing and negotiation, and (2) the financial transaction. This level can hand off the data and sale to a third party that provides clearing services for the purchase. This third party can be a utility or a software company.

Energy Producer 77%
Utility 10%
3rd Party 5%
Info-Tech Provider 1%
Agent 0.5%
Financial company 1%
Data Company 1%
Member/Clubs 1%
Services Companies 0.5%
Local Tax 2%
National Tax 1%