Revenue Model 2

Revenue Pricing Model Two

KW Cash Neighborhood
Now let’s take it further and add in a whole range of agents. These can be appliance manufacturers, stores, coffee shops, car dealers, and on and on. Maybe they subscribe to an organization such as a credit card company, or non-profit organization. The agent will claim a portion as markup.

We start with a similar share as before, but there are more parties to take taxes or fees for services.

Energy Producer 77%
Utility 10%
3rd Party 5%
Info-Tech Provider 3%
Agent 2%
Local Tax 2%
National Tax 1%

So, as we convert these percentages out among the players, we come up with the following Power Currency.
80 KWH
Participants Service Providers Tax
Energy Producer 61.6 Info Tech 2.4 1.6
Utility 8 Agent 1.6
3rd Party 4 0.8
Total 73.6 4 2.4 80

The transactions are as straightforward or as complex as the parties want. Homeowners, business owners, and service providers set up their own preferences. All the communications and programming are set up by computer companies, utilities, and others. A financial clearinghouse comes in to make sure that all participants are compensated.